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  • The Diaries of Robin's Toys 10 Books Collection Pack Set

The Diaries of Robin's Toys 10 Books Collection Pack Set

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The Diaries of Robin's Toys 10 book series by Ken and Angie Lake have an educational and a moral theme, and a humorous touch which makes them interesting to both adults and children aged 7+. Ken and Angie Lake are one of the most successful and prolific father and daughter co-author partnerships writing today, and The Diaries of Robin’s Toys has been inspired by their adventures travelling around the world.

Have you ever seen an old toy? Perhaps in a cupboard or in the attic or loft, have you ever seen how sad they look at car -boot sales, unwanted and unloved? Well look closely at them because every toy has a story to tell, the older, the more decrepit, the more scruffy, the more tatty the toy may be; then the more interesting its story could be. Here are just a few of those toys and their stories:

Bertie the Bee
Robin goes along to the car boot sale with Grandad in a hope he'll find something cool; something that could fly, like an aeroplane, or a helicopter! But what he comes back with is a bee. With Grandad's special powers, Robin gets to hear the story of Bertie the Bee and all about how honey is made as well.
Carla the Cow
On his weekly trip to the car boot sale with Grandad, Robin finds a very unhappy toy cow. But Grandad says that she has a very interesting story to tell. Robin soon finds out how Carla the Cow had been in life and how all she really needed were some friends.
Carlos the Cod
Robin gets Carlos the Cod on a rainy day from Pauls' Stall. He never knew that fish had their own people aquarium as well.
Donkey Hoo-Tee
Robin's new friend, Francesca, is having trouble fitting in at school, but when Robin gets his new toy, Donkey Hoo-Tee, his story tells him just what he needs to do to make Francesca feel more at ease.
Clarence the Camel
The last thing Robin thought he would find at the car boot sale was an old toy camel. But Grandad says that Clarence the Camel has a very interesting story to share. Robin discovers that Clarence is very similar to himself and that winning the race is not always necessary.
Gavin the Gorilla and Snuffles
When Robin sees Gavin and Snuffles at the car boot sale, he thinks they are the most unlikely pair he has ever seen. But he soon learns how they came to be such good friends and how they had been singled out because of the way they look.
Geraldo the Giraffe
Robin doesn't know what to do after he sees one of his friends unhappy after being bullied about her weight. But when he gets Geraldo the Giraffe from the car boot sale, he knows exactly what to do.
Leon the Lion
When Robin sees JP struggling at school, he wants to help him meet new people. So when he finds Leon the Lion at the car boot sale, he has just the story to tell him - being a roaring lion was never of interest to Leon, all he wanted to do was meet new people and write poetry.
Roger the Reindeer
Robin didn't realise how helpful Roger the Reindeer would be when he bought him at the car boot sale. But with a little help from Grandad's magic spell, Robin soon learns about how being able to read and write is extremely important and how much it helps you in daily life.
Taffy the Rabbit
Robin is upset that his summer camp trip has been cancelled. But when he gets Taffy the Rabbit at the car boot sale, he soon learns about Taffy's love of rugby, and how he and his friends managed to make his dream come true and finally see Wales play England.

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